17. During this period of COVID-19, I cannot volunteer as part of my Student Loan Fund. A total of 36 hours/year is required for my community service . What should I do as I need the total of 36 hours per year to be included in my request for the Student Loan?

As this is a requirement set by the Student Loan Fund Office, the University cannot deduct any hours for the students. However, the University will allow the students to submit the documents required for the Student Loan Fund, with the information of the recorded hours for the community service. When the COVID-19 situations return to normal, you then may complete the remaining hours for the community service.

Remarks: Students who are on the Student Loan Fund are recommended to volunteer online via Online Learning organized by the Student Loan Fund Office. Each module is for 3 hours. For more information, please visit https://www.studentloan.or.th/th/knowledgemedia/1559722224